Call it a journal, not a blog

Dom Corriveau

Dom Corriveau

I have written haphazardly (to say the least) on this blog over the last year or so. To be honest, it really comes from my inability to find the reason to write on a consistent basis. Reading about setting up a blog all of the advice is for how to optimize for the maximum audience, in turn being able to turn a blog into a job. However I’ve never had such ambitions but felt obligated to blog since my day job is in digital marketing.

As digital marketers we’re all over the map. We preach to high heaven that content is the only thing that matters, but list a hundred other technical reasons why your blog isn’t performing and not actually review the content. Having no aspirations to become rich writing a blog (in three easy steps!) or suddenly blogging just because I’m looking for a job, writing here has always been put on the back burner.

Side bar: It’s really obvious who’s joyfully employed and who’s looking for a new job. Just look LinkedIn. Login and look at who’s posting. If anyone has started posting recently after going months (or years) without posting and is now posting daily, they’re probably looking for a job. Its funny that personal brand only matters when we’re not getting a paycheck.

So if I’m not writing for fame (you know, the fame of being a blogger…) and not writing to find a job, why suddenly a post after months of literally nothing?

Regardless of the number of people who read my writing, I need a place to expand on ideas, thoughts or opinions in digital marketing and the greater tech world. Tossing 200-ish character Tweets into the void is not the way to effectively express an opinion, especially for complicated topics. Yes, threading allows for more room, its not the same as the space allowed in long form content.

There have been many think pieces about context in social and the benefit of a smaller community in blogging. Its as if people in their early-30’s are now fully established in their career and only write about the internet from when they were teens! For myself, I just needed to ditch the idea that the only way to blog was to optimize, keyword, adjust the length, have several sub-heads and worship the analytics dashboard. Blogging is not my job. Blogging is a way to speak about the things I care about or find interesting, even if no one is paying attention.

So going forward this place is more like a journal rather than a blog. I am a Linux enthusiast who also follows mainstream tech. I enjoy tech, marketing with a little bit of gaming. When phrased as journaling instead of blogging, I feel much more comfortable and relief from the pressure that everything on the internet needs to get as many views, likes and shares as possible.

Sometimes we need to just have a place that allows us to be ourselves. Social media has been taken over by people always trying to look the best, to be envied by others. Here on my own little island, I’ll just be myself without caring if anyone else is watching.

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