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Focus on what can you support | DC Marketing Mixer #42

I am currently in DNS hell with Weebly and my domain registrar. This is the other miscellaneous stuff us digital marketers need to know to do our job and is a constant frustration between us and I/T, Devs and Sales. We need to know the sales process, plus the server stack and able to manage domains, subdomains, redirects, etc. Its… a lot.

I know that all those people who say, “that’s our job, stay out of it.” Well, I have one question for you.

Why doesn’t it fucking work? Cause it looks like I need to go into PHPMyAdmin and adjust databases. It looks like I need to get the login for our domains and adjust DNS settings. It looks like I need to check call logs to make sure people are calling customers.


Onto this weeks newsletter:

  • Content marketing and accessibility. Start taking it seriously.
  • Optimizing SEO for what the company can do, not what it could do.
  • A seriously amazing newsletter list and a lesson in email content.


On July 29 I passively attended the Create:Frontend virtual conference put on by Microsoft. Attending these events have been fun over the last few months as more have shifted online instead of canceling or delaying. Most are events I would never attend as they’re just outside my bubble.

At about an hour in, speaker Gift Egwuenu gave a presentation titled “A11y For Everyone: Building inclusive and accessible web applications” and it was a fantastic presentation. Although this conference was for frontend developers, I think Gift’s message applies to us as content marketers too. Here is a screen grab from her talk showing why accessibility is important.

Powerpoint slide: Forms of disabilies graphic with four cirlce hubs. Purple is situational, blue is permanent. Orange is temporary. Red is Infrastructure. Full text below.

The text from the slide is perfect.

Forms of disabilities

  • Situational: Noisy environment, bright sunlight, multi-tasking.
  • Permanent: Deaf/hard of hearing, color blindness, autism, dyslexia.
  • Temporary: Broken arm, eye injuries, hearing injuries.
  • Infrastructure barrier: Low bandwidth, slow connectivity.

Often, projects and culture shifts start with the marketing department. I highly encourage you to watch this presentation and think how you can lead the movement at your organization to finally take accessibility seriously.

Create:Frontend – A11y for Everyone: Building inclusive and accessible web applications


All comes down to this quote:

[…] we only try to target topics where our product is an almost irreplaceable solution to the problem.”

I’ve been thinking about this, A LOT. The C-Suite and the Sales team wants us to be all things to all people. I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked, “who’s our primary customer for this product” only to get the answer, “Anyone who’s willing to buy.” But, we can’t be all things to all people. We need to understand exactly who our product serves, how it serves them better than anyone else, and who the person is that wants it.

Focus. Focus. Focus. Why do we, as marketers, get lost in trying to do content and SEO and social and email and PPC and…

Its not just what we can do as marketing. Who does the sales team best communicate with? What is the best way customers use your product? Do you even have a customer support team?

Don’t think of what marketing is capable of, instead what is the company and the teams around it best able to support.

How Ahrefs does SEO: 7 unconventional lessons in product-led content marketing


Last week I stumbled on a tweet that included a huge list of newsletters to check out (linked below in the Hot Links section) which included an entire section just for “Media, Technology and E-Commerce”. Of course I had to look through every one of them (secretly wishing my own will make it onto a similar list some day… goals!). I signed up for pretty much all of them and the next day this was the only one that had an email waiting for me.

I loved this email. I love that the operator takes multiple vacations away from the newsletter every year on a planned hiatus. I love that while on hiatus, recognized the recent swing in subscribes but still stayed on vacation. It would be so easy to just not send an email, even after seeing a huge uptick after being recommended in a popular article. It even would have been acceptable to send a thank you email and a note saying when it will return. But, they added just a little extra with a list of links, both popular articles they’ve written and a collection of others from their bookmarks.

Simple to do. Perfectly executed to make the reader feel welcome while understanding the audience who will happily click through to previous posts and blogs.

Loved it.

The Operating Partner – OP #151b

Hot links

Go relax | Get Better Friday

This has been an extremely stressful week for me. Plus, if you go anywhere else on the internet everyone is trying to find more stress to tell you about. The news, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, newsletters… They’re all artificially inflating the importance of what’s happening, increasing stress to try to get you to take the action they want.

Its exhausting.

I would like to have one day, just one day, where everything I consume doesn’t have some false sense of urgency or impending doom laced throughout. I often think about how nice it would be to have a day to just catch up on books and videos and emails. Well, it would also be nice to spend a day only doing things that make me happy.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Let’s all pick a day, any day, and pledge to only do and consume stuff that makes us happy. I can already picture it and its going to start right here.

My two youngest daughters in their playhouse. Left in pink shirt and huge smile and dark brown curly hair. Right in white shirt goofing off with long light brown wavy hair.

For us to get better as professionals, leaders and all around people, we need to take care of ourselves first. Its okay to take a break. I’m giving myself permission and I’m giving it to you as well.

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