Marketer by Trade

Results driven, performance oriented team and project manager with 14+ years of proven experience. Ability to work cross-team, cross-function while maintaining long-term vision leveraging analytics within every process. Highly respected leader and coach, building trust across the entire stack.

In constant pursuit of personal development. I produce a digital marketing newsletter, podcast and blogs. This includes additional blogs, podcasts and videos for technology topics. Full stack management of these including back-end server administration, pipeline, plus content creation.

Although my work history is in the landscape industry, I am fascinated with technology and the open web. Whether it be mobile convergence, server and system administration or just cool gadgets, I regularly find myself absorbed into the latest technology.

On weekends and evenings, you can find me working in my home lab, building and experimenting with Linux servers, Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s, and more. I believe computers can change people’s lives. I enjoy rummaging around old computers and phones, then repairing and giving away to anyone is in need.

When not in my lab, you can find me on the trail, camping in the forest or enjoying classic 80s action movies that are so-bad-they’re-good. I am always looking for ways to create and connect with other people.


  • Lead the creation of the Digital Marketing Team, integrating processes and workflows with greater Marketing, consultants and agencies.
  • Spearhead creation of marketing analytics - Mapping team structure, hiring Data Engineers, and implementing data governance and analysis models, as well as on-boarding a data warehouse and visualization platform.
  • Develop communication, task and project management solutions for Marketing Departments using Slack, Microsoft Teams, Wrike, Asana, Todoist and GSuite to pivot team to Agile workflows, building a cross-functional suite of systems.
  • Customer persona and journey mapping, plus marketing funnel development working in conjunction with the sales team to identify core customer attributes and migrate prospects into the sales pipeline.
  • Creation and oversight of SEO, including development of SEO schema, SERP rankings, meta data management, optimization tactics and keyword maintenance and tracking. Experience with SEO tools including Screaming Frog, Moz, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, and more.
  • Lead online advertising strategy and tactics including Google Adwords, all social media with particular focus on Facebook and Instagram, preroll and midroll, influencer, and retargeting.
  • Content marketing strategist with the ability to perform content audits, optimize content for owned keywords, identify growth opportunities and deliver high value to customers and prospects.
  • Email platform and campaign management with an emphasis on newsletter and email automation for both account nurturing and transactional maintenance.
  • Oversee marketing database development and management, working with sales and brokers to acquire prospects, identify leads and generate lead scoring, define attributes and target based on sales and marketing funnel phase migration.
  • Track conversion rates, working with design and content teams to make constant iterative improvements while managing analytics dashboards, data mapping and transfer from all channels and platforms to effectively deliver monthly reports to stakeholders and quarterly briefs to Executive Board.
  • Manage budget for vendor contracting and vendor relationships such as Netsuite, Instapages, Agorapulse, Sprout Social, and more.
  • Implement and successfully work in Agile methodologies and act as Scrum Master to manage backlog against ongoing roadmap of project requests.
  • Technical Project Lead and able to work closely with IT organization for cross-functional SaaS implementations including ERP, ESP and analytics API integrations, technical documentation and vendor relationship management.
  • Manage project risk by implementing an ROI analysis and review process for scope change requests and new project requests.
  • Conduct industry research and develop marketing strategies to promote products and services offered through digital channels and physical locations.
  • Map stakeholder requirements, scope and technical solution design for digital marketing project requests while delivering regular status updates to team, stakeholders and Executive Board.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation for systems, platforms and channel design, system operations, plus cross-channel integrations connecting internal systems through complex API implementations.
  • Develop team coaching and mentorship program, plus outbound communication strategies, investing in building and maintaining team relationships to reduce burnout and increase collaboration.


Conference presentations Awards
Digital marketing in B2B
Jan. 2020
Marketing excellence award
Marketing value proposition
Oct. 2019
Marketing excellence award
Jan. 2012
Social media in B2B
Oct. 2017


  • Project management
  • Team leadership & growth
  • Strategy development & execution
  • Executive communication
  • Relationship management
  • Vendor management & UAT
  • Project insights & analytics
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript & Python
  • Linux system administration & DevOps
  • MS Office 365 & GSuite
  • Domo
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere

Content Marketing

I believe one of my strongest skills is taking a complex topic and making it accessible for all audiences. Then, in addition to the blog, creating companion content to broaden the reach and optimize for long-tail keywords.

Here are some writing samples:

How to Prevent Fertilizer Burn During the Summer Months
At my time at Ewing Irrigation one of my core competencies was agronomics. In this blog I wrote about how to apply fertilizer during the summer months and reduce the potential for burn from the warm temperatures and nitrogen release. Marketing for Landscape Contractors - Finding Your Target Audience
This is a blog I wrote for my own website that serves as an introduction to marketing for landscapers, including some basic steps to take. The Complete Guide to Home and Auto Insurance during Freezing Weather
A recent blog for Cross Insurance Agency that includes some technical insurance information, plus a companion video I produced and links to several other blogs I have written for them.