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DC Talks 35 – Home Assistant Speakers Are Invading

DC Talks 35 – Home Assistant Speakers Are Invading
DC Talks

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We’re back with a full episode and boy do we have a doozy. We check in after my car accident and Jenna breaks down the mayhem that is BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to and from San Fransisco. We talk some more about The Alamo Drafthouse spreading into both our areas and my meeting with the Rickmobile.

Then we get right down to it – Digital Home Assistants. At IFA this week, a slew of new devices were announced so we discuss our feelings on home assistants, why we don’t have one and what it would take to convince us to get one.

Google announces three third-party speakers with Assistant, plus LG appliance integration

Your Google Assistant is coming to new speakers, appliances and more

Internet providers could easily snoop on your smart home

This is wild: Panasonic has an autonomous, mobile fridge with voice recognition that will come to a specific location when called. #IFA2017 pic.twitter.com/ywVRqgI4O3

— Martyn Landi (@MartynLandi) September 1, 2017

A prototype of Panasonic’s transparent 4K OLED TV. #IFA2017 pic.twitter.com/2jEC02U552

— What Hi-Fi? (@whathifi) September 2, 2017

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