DC Talks 36 – Getting Prepped

Dom Corriveau

Dom Corriveau

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Obscured Narration Weekly
Obscured Narration Weekly
DC Talks 36 - Getting Prepped

We’ve talked about preppers before, but now with recent events Jenna is more concerned about being prepared for an emergency. Luckily, Dominic is an aspiring prepper and has some advice for everyone.

What I’ve learned: Obviously food, water, fire (multiple ways), cook top (camp stove & propane), first aid, cooking utensils, knives, candles, flashlights, lanterns, etc.

  • 1 gal. per person per day
  • As much food as you can store

Having kids, needed formula, diapers, etc. You know your kid, just always have 2 weeks of stuff around. Don’t run it to zero. Gasoline. They’ll run out real fast after the event, this is real obvious. But, lets get real people, use a real freaking gas can. Do not use buckets, trash cans, etc. Gasoline vapor is flammable. Use the right container.

  • We needed it for after the storm to run our cars to charge our equipment. Phones, laptops, etc. Although you can idle for quite a long time, after 7 days of power being out we had to scramble to find gas.

Inverter. This plugs into your 12v. port in your car, makes it so you can plug in regular electronics. It will increase the voltage. You will need to do a little math. Take all of your electronics you want to charge and add up the amps and wattage they use while running/charging. That’s how big of an inverter you need or you’ll know know how many devices you can do at once. Batteries. Inventory your devices. Batteries for your flashlights, etc. but also lith-ion external batteries for your devices. Then you can double up your phones battery life. You need your devices for more than just emergency contact. Entertainment is nice. Entertainment. Real books people, physical board games. Put movies onto a tablet & just leave them on there all the time. I have an amazon fire tablet ($30) that the kids use for road trips. Its just got 8 movies on there all the time. Go box. All this stuff (except gasoline/propane) needs to fit into a single box that can fit into the trunk of your car. One, it makes it so if there’s an emergency you just grab the kit and bring it into your house. Two, if you’re in an emergency you have to flee you just toss it into the trunk and go. Easy to carry, maintain.


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