DC Talks Podcast Weekly – Owning your entire stack, from Google to your DNA

Dom Corriveau

Dom Corriveau

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Obscured Narration Weekly
Obscured Narration Weekly
DC Talks Podcast Weekly - Owning your entire stack, from Google to your DNA

After a successful setup of my music streaming server over the weekend I instead detail an amazing story from my local high school. If you had to stand outside for hours during a fire alarm, would you be BRAZEN enough to order Postmates? My daughters high school pulled it off and is one of the many reasons why I believe in the next generation.

Next, after the silliness about getting Taco Bell delivered during a fire alarm, is a serious topic. In this episode of the DC Talks podcast I give my opinion about DNA services working with the FBI and the possible implications.

This is my opinion, however it doesn't mean I think I'm right. Based on the information I know this is my stance as of today. I'm willing to keep an open mind, join me in the conversation?

Read the news story I'm referencing

In the third segment, since the Google Stadia announcement, Google has been ripped for its lack of long-term support for its products. Its clear for me that its not if a product dies but if its data is portable. How easy is it to move to a new service? This isn't exclusive to Google, but the myriad of cloud hosted service providers that try to lock you in.

The question is... Do you own your stack?

Then finally its weekend project time and I'm fresh off an easy install of Airsonic as my new music streaming server from last week. In this episode I recap how setting up Airsonic went, why Old Man Dominic likes it and our new weekend project.

Grab your tech go bag and get ready to make something awesome!

Streaming music server - Airsonic

Airsonic setup guide

New weekend project
Set up your tech go bag

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