DC Tech Talks Podcast – Nostalgia and Rose-Colored Glasses for Blackberry

Dom Corriveau

Dom Corriveau

Obscured Narration Weekly
Obscured Narration Weekly
DC Tech Talks Podcast - Nostalgia and Rose-Colored Glasses for Blackberry

Podcast open:

  • Will review what this podcast will be at the end of the show
  • Follow along at obscurednarration.com

On the blog this week was… Admitting my continued love of Blackberry and if physical keyboards on phones are worth it. Blog is on ObscuredNarration.com right now. This podcast allows me to go deeper on this topic.

What's up with the Blackberry:

  • Up until the iPhone 3GS I was an avid Blackberry user
  • Longer history about why I loved my Blackberry
  • What I loved about it (felt like a computer, real keyboard, not a media device)
  • Story about going into RadioShack to buy a Blackberry
  • Strong love affair with physical keyboards in our house
  • Wife had both G1 & G2, would love to go back to the G2. That was the perfect device
  • It worked until I blew it up a couple years ago, even bought a new battery for it
  • Change in perspective for mobile device.
  • Need to be on it less, but still get work done.
  • Using Honor 5x w/LineageOS but only with messaging apps
  • Realistic review on how the Honor 5x is working and why messaging only
  • Using tablet as laptop and Android device, mobile device is just for mobile
  • Messaging only has been working, really like it (minus using Hulu at night)
  • Thinking of this brought me back to the Blackberry and how great the physical keyboard is
  • I've longed for a Blackberry like device, followed feature phones which have these like KaiOS devices. Feature phones have had keyboards like this in US too. Close to buying one from a friend of my teenager from US Cellular
  • Got a Blackberry Curve 9360 on eBay for $30

My feedback:

  • Blackberry desktop software
  • SMS and email only
  • The keyboard. This experiment wasn’t for longterm use, was just an experiment. But got to use the famed Blackberry keyboard again. Didn’t like it.
  • What does this mean for other phones with physical keyboard
  • I’ve longed for a Blackberry Key2 phone


  • This podcast has undergone a lot of changes and big gaps in publishing, I recognize that. So why do I keep coming back to it?

What the show will be for the foreseeable future:

  • Weekly, publish on Friday’s
  • Try to keep short, there’s lots of great podcasts out there
  • I tried to cover the news and that just set me up for failure. I follow news closely but I’m not a reporter
  • Instead of a podcast this will be more of a journal (which is what I changed my blog into as well). I need a place to talk about the random tech shenanigans I’m up to, what I’m learning and what’s rolling around in my brain. This isn’t what’s always at the top of the news cycle. Sometimes the news might trigger it.
  • Less news, more personal opinions, takes and deep thoughts
  • My focus is on budget tech and through the lens of the OSS community.
  • I dislike where tech is going. Often “tech enthusiasts” are just people who know how to use a laptop or phone and just does the things the company that makes it tells them to do. When they run into a problem, they just look for another app to fix it.
  • These are the same people that wait for huge keynotes so the company can tell them how to use the device and what new apps will fix their life’s problems
  • Budget tech is about biggest bang for your buck. Its about making things last longer. Its about finding solutions, using critical thinking to find and build your own solutions. Its about fixing things yourself, not subscribing to Apple Care

These blogs are just the tip of the iceberg. To go deeper and hear more stories around the tech and life around these journals, check out the DC Tech Talks Podcast.

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