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The Pillars of Context | DC Marketing Mixer #41

I’m having WordPress problems. Well… aren’t we all? If you’re a marketer in 2020 your companies (or companies instance you work with) is both full of opportunities and – bugs. So. Many. Bugs. So, make today the day to mutiny against the Devs and demand a vanilla install of WordPress! No more customized versions. Be gone nerfed user types. Demand the ability to install addons. Finally get all the pixels working again!

Unfortunately in my scenario I am both the marketer and the dev and my podcast WordPress site is seriously borked. The kind of borked that touching anything causes the entire system to go down.

Thankfully its the weekend.

On to this weeks newsletter:
– A seriously enlightening interview about a hub and spoke model for content. Literally blew my mind.
– Using social to get away from basic content.
– Planning my first marketing flywheel.


Pillars and Hubs
Reading this made me realize I’ve been implementing pillar pages and associated content the wrong way. Pillar content is hard. Takes a lot of coordination and collaboration with the product and sales teams. My “ah-ha” moment was understanding that the finished product isn’t the pillar, but the entire ecosystem around it. Phrasing it as a hub and spoke clicked with me. Can’t have a wheel without both.

If a section is worth a subheading, its probably worth its own content page. Then start linking them together.

Creating Hubs and Spokes with Amy Elmayan


Getting insightful
To be honest, this encapsulates my pivot on social and in this newsletter. Its super easy to make a blog about “How to use Hootsuite” because all you have to do is point out where they are and what buttons to push. This is a huge pet peeve of mine with tech content. Nothing makes me rage quit faster than finding a website that supposedly answers a question, only to say to download an app. No context. No instruction. Just download an app and click start (looking at you Apple fans).

The real power is teaching them WHY they should do it. How it will help them solve a problem and give them a better understanding on why its important.

There is absolutely a time and place for basic content. We don’t need more of it, though. We need context, not content. This section stood out to me in the link below:

Too many creators today are playing it safe. They offer simple tricks and tips like thousands of others who came before them. You’ll never take the web by storm by creating posts on “10 Pinterest tricks” or “Five Facebook ad tips.” Your content might be good, but it’s not an original insight that will help you stand out.

Four ways to jumpstart your content marketing by creating insights instead of information


I share a lot of other people’s content with the intention to add a context or insights on how it could impact our efforts in real life. Over the last few weeks I’ve shared info about creating flywheels, plus the above hub and spoke content idea. This time, instead of sharing another blog post or interview, I want to share how I’ve been applying these ideas to my own content strategy.

I have a lot of disparate content spread out over multiple platforms and websites. Recently, I started brainstorming how all this content fits together into a cohesive customer journey, while it being a self-feeding system that finds new people to reach. This means first I need to create a flywheel of how the stages will all fit together.

This is my actual whiteboard in my office of me working it out.

Whiteboard with poorly drawn lifecycle map. Details below in article.

It basically comes out to this:

Step 1: Activate
This is top of funnel, mainstream content that is highly optimized. This type of content are blogs, videos, live streams, and podcasts.

This CTA is to connect

Step 2: Engage
Still top of funnel, sharing and engaging on social channels, community chats and quickly responding to any inbound messages.

CTA is to follow.

Step 3: Adopt
Insider content that joins TOFU mainstream with deeper, niche content that draws on the personal connection. Like a podcast that goes deeper into the ideas in a video. Or a video that is a companion with a blog.

CTA is to subscribe.

Step 4: Delight
This is subscriber only content like webinars, courses and newsletters. Extremely focused content to a much smaller audience.

CTA is to monetize.

Step 5: Advocate
This is the final stage with member only perks, user generated content and community events. This will encourage the fan to advocate for the content, thus activating more users.

Personal marketing flywheel. Blue circles with arrows pointing to the next phase. Order is Connect, Follow, Subscribe, Monetize, Automate.

This is all much easier said than done. But without this kind of thought into a content marketing strategy, you’re just throwing content over the wall hoping someone will find it. Additionally, without connecting the dots, we don’t know how people will find the next piece of content. And the next and the next and the next. Having a funnel is good. Knowing how content will push people down the funnel is critical.

This is just part one of this series about content funnels, flywheels and strategy planning. If you like this deep look into how I create all this, please message and let me know.

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This is all false, though. I finally realized it by creating an “accomplished” list. I went to my whiteboard (no surprises there, I have to whiteboard EVERYTHING) and just started writing out everything I’ve accomplished in the last 6 weeks. Before I knew it, there were 30 lines of success.

So, I challenge YOU. Send me your accomplished lists! I want to see what you’ve got done since June 1. I 100% guarantee its more than you think. Type, whiteboard, or even a video. Send it to me obscurednarration@gmail.com.

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